We are throwing a baby shower for Angel and her newborn baby boy. That’s right, Angel, our most famous reindeer of all delivered an eleven pound bundle of joy at 6:15am on Wednesday, March 25th.

Angel is not in need of any gifts at this time; however we are asking you to consider helping out in a couple other ways.

First, we would love your help in coming up with the right name for her beautiful new baby boy.

Secondly, we could also use your help in ensuring the health and safety of Angel and the rest of our animals. We at the farm are facing the same uncertainty as many others for the foreseeable future, especially as we continue to upgrade our video cameras and other safety measures, new fencing, etc. Licensing and government regulations are changing and we need to stay ahead of any required modifications to come. Many of you continue to ask how you can help us here at Rooftop Landing, and here is one way for you to do that.

Therefore, we would like to suggest a $5 donation to the farm with your submission of a suggested name for our new baby in the comment section of your PayPal or Venmo App.
Venmo: @RooftopReindeer

Top finalists will be announced in May for all to vote on. In case of multiple submissions of the same name, the earliest submitted will be the winner.

The winner will be awarded a gift package from the farm to include Angel’s naturally shed set of antlers from this year, a Rooftop Landing logo’d coat plus sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat, and framed photo of Angel, calf, and copy of calf’s birth certificate!

We are so thankful for the many visitors, social media comments, emails, and calls over the years. Our goal is to continue providing as much access to Santa’s beautiful reindeer (and their friends) as we can to children of all ages for many years to come. Your part in our efforts is very much appreciated.

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