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Closed for the remainder of winter. 

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 🎟 2022 Christmas Holiday Season Visits 🎟


  • Admission $8 per person, kids 1 and under are FREE. Sold at the door only – no online tickets. No reservations needed!
  • Santa will again be available to visit with children starting in November! (see calendar for schedule)
  • Skittles the Clown! (see calendar for schedule)
  • Majestic reindeer in pasture for viewing, petting and feeding.
  • Heated barn with our Christmas alpacas and other unique animals for petting and photos.
  • Candy Maker
  • Gift Shop with lots of stocking stuffers including signature Candy Cane Mailers & Plush Angel and Derby.
  • Fresh Warm Donuts, Hot Caramel Cider and Hot Cocoa.
  • We accept cash & all major credit cards.

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🎅🏼 Are You On Santa’s Nice List 🎅🏼


🎁 2022 MI Reindeer Barn 🎁

Bring a piece of Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm home with you. 🏠 🦌 To capture the ✨magic✨ of our farm during the holiday season would be impossible. But, I think we have come close with a signature MI Reindeer Barn.

Open up the top of the barn to find a beautiful plush reindeer named Noel. Noel is a reindeer that was born this year on the farm. She is one of our most social and friendly reindeer. 

Unroll the scroll to find that you made it on the Nice List this year with a custom certificate signed by the big man himself, SANTA!

Commemorate your success with a handmade candy cane made by our in-house candy maker at the farm in Clare, Michigan. 

Hang a glass ornament filled with real reindeer hair on your Christmas tree for many years to come to remember this very special gift.

Dangle a one of a kind piece of real antler from your keychain, backpack or bring it to school for show and tell day!

Lastly, show your love for Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm by putting these fun stickers on your laptop, water bottles or wherever! 

Plush Reindeer named Noel
Custom Nice List Certificate signed by Santa
Glass Ornament with Real Reindeer Hair
Real Antler Keychain
2 Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm Stickers
Candy Cane made at Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm
Awesome custom made box to store your new reindeer in.

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Thank you for your continued support. Your donation helps to ensure the health and safety of our animals as well as upgrades to our cameras, fencing, etc.